It’s the beginning of the week, and news is already piling up like free pancakes at IHOP. To get you in the loop, we’ve got some fun stories lined up, one of which that could potentially send you somewhere for free — that’s always fun. Read ‘em and laugh…

  • There’s this adorable gaming girl on YouTube who makes hilarious videos about her favorite consoles and titles like Guitar Hero and Persona 3. Her name’s Ash (like the kid in Pokemon!) and most of her videos are under two minutes long. Go check them out (via Unreality Magazine)!
  • Unreality Magazine posted a feature on the five best sexual tension-filled TV sitcom couples. The article states that once the tension is gone between the two and they get together, all the fun goes out the window. The list includes The Office‘s Jim and Pam, “Friends”‘ Ross and Rachel, and “Cheers”‘ Sam and Diane.
  • Moviefone is giving people the chance to go to the I Am Number Four movie premiere next year. We know it’s a while from now, but the grand prize also includes airfare and hotel. It wouldn’t hurt to try. Check out the I Am Number Four site for details.
  • A new poster has been released for the new season of the CBS comedy, “The Big Band Theory.” The show will be moving to a new night this fall and the marketing team wants to make sure you don’t forget! Check it out…. (THR)

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