Robert Rodriguez must have made a serious impression on Jessica Alba when they worked on Machete. According to THR, she’s the latest actor to sign on for Rodriguez’s upcoming sequel Spy Kids 4. You didn’t know that series was still going strong did you? This is the newest entry in the highly successful family series that the director created back in 2001. Here’s what Alba will bring to the party…

The trade reports that Alba will play “a retired spy who has been reactivated. She’s also the mother of a baby and two preteen stepchildren.” This fourth installment will be more of a reboot instead of a sequel to the other films. The former “spy kids” Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara are no longer kids and don’t fit the bill. Vega’s almost 23 and is engaged to be married (if that doesn’t make you feel old we don’t know what will).

The new film will center solely on Alba’s character and her step-children who will be named as the new juvenile spies. Even though they’ll no longer be the stars of the series, Vega, Sabara, and Antonio Banderas are expected to return in supporting roles.

Other roles seeking to be filled include Alba’s husband, a slightly nerdy investigative reporter, and the villain, known as the Time Keeper, whose goal it is to stop time.

Spy Kids 4 will also be in 3D.

What do you think of Alba taking over the Spy Kids series?