We finally get to see a bit of James Franco’s portrayal of Aron Ralston in Danny Boyle’s biopic 127 Hours. Fox Searchlight has released the first piece of footage of him live and in character with the film’s first trailer. It’s not as depressing as you might think, but what starts off as all fun and games does end in a nightmare…

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127 Hours is a biopic based on Aron Ralston’s 2003 struggle to survive in the cold mountains of Utah when his arm got pinned beneath a boulder. After 5 days he amputated the limb using a dull knife, and proceeded to climb a 65-foot sheer wall to reach his freedom. He eventually encountered a family who gave him food and water, and notified the authorities.

The film also stars Amber Tamblyn and Kate Mara, who are both featured in the trailer. There’s nothing more terrifying than giving someone a false sense of security and then pulling the rug from underneath them. That’s exactly what this trailer does because we all know what’s going to happen, so we wait, wait, and wait, and then boom! His arm gets stuck.

What do you think of the trailer for 127 hours? Do you think Franco can pull the role off?

Source: Apple