Back in July we learned that another familiar face would be returning to the canvas of “Smallville” in the form of Kara aka Supergirl. The character’s portrayer Laura Vandervoort, has signed on to appear in a guest spot this fall during the 10th and final season of the show. In the latest issue of TVGuide, they debut the first photo of the actress and her alter ego’s new look. Check it out…

According to Vandervoort, Kara returns in a very big way, she’s more heroic! The actress states, “When I found out this could be my last episode, I thought it would be great to see a quick glimpse of her in the uniform before she takes off.” Her wish is the writers command because in the nearly two years that she’s been away she’s transformed from Kara to Supergirl. Her new costume won’t be the full on version that we’re used to seeing in the comics but it will be more evolved than Clark’s.

The magazine also gave another hint saying that Kara has  “a lot of input down the road in Clark’s transformation into Superman.”

Photo Gallery of Kara:

What do you think of Kara’s new look on Smallville?

Source: Spoiler TV