It’s amazing what a little bad buzz can do for an actor’s career. In this case, it’s had a reverse effect for Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman who after weeks of speculation will reprise his role as Ben Stiller’s father in Little Fockers. Originally, his character had been written out but according to a report from EW, he’s been written back in!

Hoffman was the only actor who decided not to return for the third film in the Meet the Parents franchise because of various reasons including scheduling. Now it seems that all that strife has been thrown out the window and the actor will be shoehorned into the final cut of the film via a few pickup shots. Deadline further elaborates that more than half a dozen scenes will be shot in September, 4 of which will include Hoffman.

He’ll star in some pivotal scenes opposite Barbra Streisand, and then in a big scene at the end of the movie involving all the major characters. Other pickup scenes focus on Ben Stiller and the kids.

Here’s the kicker, even though Hoffman wasn’t on board in the very beginning he’ll still receive the same amount of pay as if he was. Burn! Some are speculating that the actor was brought in to infuse some much needed “funny” into the latest sequel despite reports that test screenings have gone well. Hmm, the trailers have yet to show us anything truly hilarious so, we’ll just have to wait in see.

Little Fockers is still scheduled to open on December 22nd.

Do you think Dustin Hoffman can save Little Fockers?