Now that we’ve all seen the trailer for Tony Scott’s newest feature, Unstoppable 20th Century Fox’s marketing department has unleashed the first poster. It features both headliners, Denzel Washington and Chris Pine as well as a lot of red and orange to catch your attention. Take a look into Pine’s steel blue eyes below…

Unstoppable centers on on a veteran train conductor (Washington) who’s about to become the victim of company lay offs due to cutbacks and Pine plays the young engineer who’s been hired to take his place. The pair are forced into a life or death situation when they have to divert a runaway train carrying a shipment of toxic chemicals headed straight towards them, schools, children, horses, cows, or anything else Scott lays on the tracks for it to diminish.

The actor’s faces are surrounded by sparks, which are supposed to represent the result of braking on train tracks. How clever. This poster has an old school 80s buddy cop vibe even though this film doesn’t fit into the genre. There’s a 48 Hours/Lethal Weapon tone that’s catching my eye but other than that, meh.

Unstoppable is scheduled to hit theaters on November 12th.

What do you think of the poster for Unstoppable?

Source: IMP Awards