To those of you who held off on buying the Avatar DVD last spring, your reward is near. The original bare bones edition was released on April 22nd and featured the film and that’s about it. Therefore, we decided to wait for the special edition because we knew Fox and James Cameron had something else up their sleeve. According to THR, the new Blu-ray and DVD will contain 16 minutes of unseen footage.

According to the trade,

Avatar producer Jon Landau said new scenes included in the now 171-minute theatrical special edition involve action sequences and narrative-deepening extensions of key scenes involving the blue-skinned Na’vi of Pandora and their human visitors.

“About every 15 minutes you’ll get something new that you haven’t seen before, which is kind of cool, Fox domestic distribution chief Bruce Snyder said. People want to go back to Pandora on the big screen.”

If you want to feed your Pandora need now and can’t wait until November, Avatar will be re-released in theaters this weekend. Not only will you get to relieve the 3D action all over again but you’ll see 8 minutes of extra footage. It’s great for those who want instant gratification, but pales in comparison to what the DVD is offering. Will you go see Avatar this weekend, hold out for the DVD, or do both?

Do you plan on buying the Avatar special edition DVD and Blu-ray?