Have you ever wondered if the epicness of Scott Pilgrim vs The World could handle the epicness of The Matrix? One very talented editor and movie fan decided to put these two films to the test in a massive combo. They created a video that combines the audio from Pilgrim with footage from all 3 Matrix movies to make a surprisingly cohesive new trailer. Take a look…

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I’ve seen plenty of trailer mash ups i.e. Toy Story 3 meets Inception but this one is pretty good. All the energy that is present in the original Scott Pilgrim vs The World trailer is still here just with different images. And let’s be honest, if Keanu Reeves was a good 20 years younger circa Bill and Ted, he could fit in with Edgar Wright’s cast. Perhaps he could have played the Lucas Lee role instead of Chris Evans?

Considering Scott Pilgrim didn’t fair too well at the box office, if the trailer looked like this one (in terms of tone and footage) do you think more people would have went to see it?

What do you think of the mash up between The Matrix and Scott Pilgrim? Did you see Scott Pilgrim?

Source: AEmovieguy