Last week we reported on Alice Eve’s decision to leave Fox’s upcoming X-Men First Class prequel. Even though she left because of script issues, the studio still wants her to stay under their umbrella. There’s a rumor that she might be up for the role of Susan Storm aka The Invisible Woman in their Fantastic Four reboot, which might be hard considering another attractive blond is up for the part — Amber Heard.

According to ComicBookMovie, Heard has met with Fox executives multiple times in regards to starring in Fantastic Four but nothing has been solidified. At the moment their solely concentrating on their production of X-Men First Class. If she landed the role, she would be picking up where Jessica Alba (worst casting ever!) left off in 2007′s Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Next in line is a report from Screenrant that centers on Susan’s other half, Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic. They claim that Adrien Brody, who recently beefed up for his stint in Predators, has a shot at taking over the role which was previously played by Ioan Gruffudd. We all know that Brody can play nerdy and aloof, plus he has the tall, lanky body type to pull off Reed’s over the top stretchy scenes.

The direction that Fox is going with this bothers me. Isn’t Sue Storm supposed to be the mature reasonable member of the Fantastic Four crew? Her brother Bobby is the self-centered one, The Thing has a temper problem, and Reed is sometimes so into his work that everything goes over his head. Can you see Amber Heard as the one person who keeps them all in check? I can’t.

Years ago, prior to the first Fantastic Four, Charlize Theron always seemed like the right choice to play Susan. Physically she fit the part, and I could take her seriously in the somewhat maternal role. The studio seems to be going after “hot actresses” as opposed to “hot actresses who are right for the part.” This is the problem I had with Jessica Alba, Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns, and most recently the casting of Blake Lively in Green Lantern. Will they ever learn?

Who do you think should play Sue and Reed in the new Fantastic Four?