Does the title Monster Witness Relocation Program ring a bell? Does it sound vaguely familiar? It shouldn’t because it’s the newest property to be picked up by Disney. The studio just bought the spec script for the film from Ahmet Zappa and Michael Wilson, that has a story based on an idea from Zappa. Guess who the studio wants the film to be a star vehicle for? Here’s a hint “Jacket on, jacket off.”

According to Deadline, Disney wants Monster Witness Relocation Program to be headlined by The Karate Kid himself, Jaden Smith. The story will center on “a brother and sister who discover they hail from a long line of monster hunters. They have to learn the family business quick when their father is kidnapped and they take on the most diabolical creature in the universe.”

Even though Smith hasn’t been confirmed for the part, wouldn’t this be an amazing gig for him and his younger sister Willow? The story centers on siblings and like her brother, father, and mother, she also has some acting chops. She appeared in I Am Legend and Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl, as well as several television shows.

If you think about it, the plot for this film sounds similar to the premise of The CW series, “Supernatural.” But let’s be real, no one can replace Sam and Dean. NO ONE!