Betty White is at it again. In July we found out that the Emmy winner would guest star on the new season of NBC’s “Community”. Now that the summer is almost over, fall promos are starting to pop up everywhere and the latest features the legendary actress promoting her stint on the show. Watch White get confused and flustered as she tries to promote, “Community”…

White will play Professor June Bauer, “an esteemed, albeit slightly unhinged, anthropology professor.” We’ve pegged her as a possible foil for former Senor Chang and an overall buzz kill for the rest of the gang.

When the video becomes available in an embeddable format we’ll post it but until then following the image to be directed to the teaser.

It’s surprising that NBC would indirectly plug “Glee” that way. Granted they brushed it off, but the name still got some airtime on their network and lets be honest, “Community” needs more help in the ratings department than that Fox show. Out of these two, who’s the one with a Golden Globe and several Emmy nominations? Yeah, exactly!

It’s time for “Community” to get some much needed attention. Will you be there to give it?

“Community” returns with all new episodes on Thursday, September 23rd.

What do you think of Betty White’s promo? Are you anxious to see her on the show?

Source: EW