In last night’s episode of “True Blood” entitled “I Smell a Rat,” Lindsay Pulsipher‘s rough around the edges character, Crystal Norris’ “darker side” was revealed. This morning we were lucky enough to have a one on one interview with the actress and got some dirt on her and her alter ego! According to IMDB she’ll be around for the last two episodes of the season and when it’s all said and done, we wouldn’t mind seeing her again in season 4. She and Ryan Kwanten’s Jason Stackhouse make a great team and their relationship opens a window into a whole new world.

This morning I had the privilege of chatting with Lindsay who acted in my film Do Not Disturb a while back about her character Crystal, were-panthers, and getting naked (yep, it’s “True Blood” and it happens)…

So you’re a sexy were-panther! Finally it’s out!

I know! I’m so glad it’s out there! It feels so good to have that out in the world and I don’t have to avoid the question anymore.

So what’s the difference between a were-panther and a panther? What are you exactly?

Well, I’m a were-panther and I think that, that means that I am a super-powered panther basically. So she’s a very strong panther.

How do you shoot something like that? Do you just have to sit around there naked and then they swap you out for a panther?

Basically that’s what you do. You sit around naked for a few hours and then they bring in the panther and then you watch the panther get shot for a couple of hours because it doesn’t always do what you want it to do. They actually showed me a rough transformation right there on set. They edited one together. As soon as I saw that I was like “Oh my god! This is going to be so cool!”

That’s really fast, they actually can edit it on set?

Yeah, they did. They had the technology to kind of show us a rough edit of how it was going to look. So cool!

Did you work with the panther at all?

Oh course. The panther and I had a conversation beforehand to make sure that we were on the same page.

What has this whole experience been like for you?

It’s been such an amazing journey because when I first started we were just shooting and I was wrapped up in the world of the set and being on set and working. And I was completely oblivious to the whole world of “True Blood” and the craziness of it. Then once it started airing I started having fans come up to me on the street and now I have fans recognizing me as Crystal and it’s just been such a trip and now having it all out on the table of what Crystal really is, I feel like it’s going to be magnified that much more.

And you’re around through the end of this season?

Yes, that is correct.

Do you get to do any really cool panther stuff and kick ass?

You’ll have to just watch and see! You definitely haven’t seen the end of Crystal, that’s for sure!

Will you be back next season?

That’s up to them!

Do you get to know the future of your character? Or do they keep that hidden from everyone?

You know, they are pretty good about keeping the actors on their toes and guessing as well. I think they want it to be fresh and new for the actors as well and I don’t think they want us to be anticipating anything. So we’re kind of kept in the dark! You just kind of read the new script and kind of figure out what’s next for the character.

Is she a fun character for you to play?

I have to say it’s so fun to be able to play a character and to go in and completely transform myself — especially physically and to be a little bit rough around the edges and unrefined and unpolished. For me as an actor, that’s kind of a dream for me to go in and play a character that’s so different from myself and I’ve never really play such a complex character that has so much going on. She’s been so much fun to play, she’s kind of limitless with what she’s going through and everything. It’s just been so fun!

Originally when you told me you were going to shoot the show, you made it sound like you were only going to be on for a couple of episodes, but you’ve been featured throughout the entire season and in every episode and your character gets an arch, were you anticipating that?

You know I wasn’t! When I went in, I knew that it was for a recurring role. They kind of give you a guideline of how many episodes you’re going to be in and I thought it was going to be around 6 and then I was pleasantly surprised that they continued it all the way through the season. Because in my mind it was only going to be a few episodes and I really didn’t know that they were going to put me in so many. That was a really pleasant surprise.

Has this changed your career at all?

I am getting recognized which is a new thing for me. People will come up to me on the street and know who I am and I’ll forget that “Oh yeah, I’m on TV and a LOT of people love this show.” It always kind of throws me off but people are recognizing me which is very fun and surprising but also strange. As far as work goes it’s been very beneficial as far as getting me meetings and meeting the right people, because a lot of people in the business are fans of the show too, so it’s nice to go into a room and they’ve already seen your work. That’s very liberating as an actor.

Is it a prerequisite walking in that you have to get naked at some point

You kind of understand going in. I’m on “True Blood,” I’m probably going to be naked!

After our interview, I got to speak with Lindsay a bit more off the record about her role and trust me, you’ll want to keep watching to see what she does next!