Every once in a while Michael J. Fox decides to grace us with his presence on the small screen. Ever since leaving his gig on ABC’s “Spin City” (in 2001) to focus on his health and finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease, acting has become a second priority. But sometimes he likes to come out of semi-retirement and show us that he’s still got it. According to a report from Zap2it, Fox will appear on the upcoming season of the CBS hit, “The Good Wife.”

The 5-time Emmy Award winner plans on following up his acclaimed guest appearance on FX’s “Rescue Me” with CBS’s latest critical darling. His new role will hit close to home as he’ll play “an unrelenting lawyer named Simon Canning, who suffers from a neurological disorder.” He’ll go up against Juliana Margulies‘ character Alicia in court, and will use his condition to gain sympathy from the judge and jury.

The case will center on a class-action suit against a pharmaceutical company, therefore using his disorder would be a good way to put a monkey wrench in Alicia’s plan of attack. Seeing Fox star as someone so devious is rare, and we can’t wait to watch!

Are you excited that Michael J Fox will be appearing on The Good Wife? Are you a fan of the show?