We know what you’re thinking. If there’s one Luthor you’d love to see return to “Smallville” it would be Lex, but at the moment the closest thing we have is his dad. According to EW, John Glover will reprise his role as Lionel Luthor during the tenth and final season of the show. Like several other defunct cast-members, he supposedly bit the dust a few seasons ago, so how will he contact Clark from the grave?

According to the site’s sources, Glover has signed on to appear in multiple episodes for his return stint as Lionel. The last time we saw him on the show was in season 8 via archival footage, and prior to that in season 7 when he was pushed out of a window to his death — at the hand of his own son! Glover is booked for a minimum of two episodes both of which are expected to air in November.

OK “Smallville”, we get it. You’re warming us up for the big Lex Luthor reveal. There’s no way that they would bring back all of these dead characters and not him. His fate has always been on shaky ground and he could still be out there somewhere plotting. As a matter of fact, we know he’s out there! They probably want to hold off on announcing it. Maybe they want it to be a big surprise like that one episode of “ER” where George Clooney popped up at the end of Juliana Margulies final episode?

What do you think of Glover’s return? Do you think Lex is close behind?