Garrett Hedlund doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of Ryan Reynolds when it comes to his career path. He might not be the face of several blockbusters but he’s got one under his belt and right now that’s all he needs. The young actor who’ll appear as Jeff Bridges son in the highly anticipated sequel Tron Legacy, had another opportunity to strike franchise gold when he was asked to audition for the part of Steve Rogers aka Captain America.

Hedlund was one of the many actors up for the role, including Chris Evans who ended up taking the part. According to Fadeinonline, the actor didn’t feel right starring in Captain America and Tron considering their fanbases and the commitment.

I met with the director last year before going to shoot Country Strong. Then, when they’d come in and talked to me about it, we’d just continually pass on it because of scheduling. Also, to be in something that had a second and a third film following it, we felt that TRON already had that, you know. To mix in another heroic character with that was not necessary. In short, we kind of always passed on it. I didn’t really think that was my gig.

That’s what I call dedication. Some people may look at him as foolish for passing on the opportunity but everyone can’t pull a Harrison Ford and be Hans Solo and Indiana Jones. And even in that situation Hans was more of a supporting character in Star Wars as opposed to Luke who anchored the whole series.

That being said, I think he made the right call. If you look at Reynolds, he embodies the spirit of Deadpool way more than Hal Jordan but he’s doing both films. Why? Because he can. The same thing for Evans, he’ll always be the sarcastic hot-head known as The Human Torch but that didn’t stop him from shifting gears to play Captain America. Even though his character in Fantastic Four was part of an ensemble, he was the one good thing about those films. When you think of those movies you think of him.

Could you even imagine Hedlund as Captain America? Could you imagine Hugh Jackman playing someone other than Wolverine?

Do you think Hedlund made the right decision?