Sly Stallone destroyed YouTube in an attempt to promote The Expendables and now The Last Exorcism is hitting Chatroulette where it really hurts… in the balls. Yes, all those young boys just waiting for a pretty lady to take off her top on Chatroulette are in for a real… treat? I just saw this bit of viral marketing over on /Film and couldn’t stop laughing.

Check out The Last Exorcism and a bunch of horny boys getting their comeuppance below…

…because if the devil were to really take over a teenage girl in a small town in Louisiana I’m sure he’d want to fuck with people on the latest internet craze. It makes sense!

I love viral marketing when it works… it’s even better than the couple of clips we got today because although it’s less informative it gives you something to talk about. And word of mouth is priceless!

The film will be in theaters on August 27th.

What do you think of sexy, devil girls on chatroulette? Have you seen worse?