After NBC initially announced their plans to reboot the 1970s series, “The Rockford Files” we were more than skeptical. They put Dermot Mulroney in the title role and surrounded him with a supporting cast that included Beau Bridges and Alan Tudyk. Everything seemed to be coming together but when the network released their fall 2010 slate, “Rockford” was nowhere to be found. According to EW, the delay was partially caused by a major casting change. Mulroney is out and “Lost alum Josh Holloway may be in.

Sources close to the show claim that NBC wants to start over with their attempted “Rockford Files” reboot — without Mulroney. Therefore, if you hated the idea of him playing the character you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Holloway’s name has been mentioned in connection with the role, even though no serious talks are going on at the moment. One of the creative forces behind the show David Shore, did admit that he’s a “viable choice but adds it’s too premature to start naming names.”

The original leading man and the overall pilot for the reboot was panned by executives when it was screened last spring. One person in attendance said,

“[It] looked like it was shot in the ’70s. You didn’t even know it was the current day until Jim pulled out his cell phone. It looked like Stephen J. Cannell directed it himself.”

Burn! That’s not a good sign at all. Maybe Sawyer — we mean Holloway can breathe some life back into this thing. If Daniel Dae Kim can star in the “Hawaii 5-0” remake why can’t Holloway handle “Rockford”?

Do you think Josh Holloway would make a good Jim Rockford? Who do you want to see in the role?

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