Now that everyone has settled into the idea of Andrew Garfield being the next Peter Parker, it’s time to find his leading lady. According to THR, a shortlist of actresses has been released by Sony but they’re not up for the role of Mary Jane, they’re competing to play a new love interest! Does this mean that we saw the last of the character with Kirsten Dunst? What a terrible way to go out. Here’s the rundown…

Apparently a group of actresses have been meeting with director Marc Webb and star Garfield for a top secret role. If they’re not auditioning for Mary Jane the next obvious choice would be Gwen Stacy who made an appearance in 2007′s Spider-Man 3 and was played by Bryce Dallas Howard. There’s also the option of Felicia Hardy, a beautiful blond who moonlights as The Black Cat. We’re not sure what direction they’re going in but here are the women who’ve caught their eye.

Out of this bunch Roberts immediately sticks out like a sore thumb and not in a good way. Even though she is young and can pull off the whole high school vibe that Webb is going for she wouldn’t fit in with Garfield. I could see Palmer in the role of Hardy or maybe even Gwen Stacy, the others not so much. This is a hard call to make considering we don’t really know what character their fighting to play. What do you think?

Who do you think should play Spidey’s love interest in the reboot?