One scary trailer and a physically impossible poster later, we get a little inside look at the clips coming up from director Daniel Stamm’s upcoming horror film, The Last Exorcism. What we gather from the clips is that this is openly a fake documentary (I think we had already guessed that though from the trailer and the fact that it was “directed”) about yet another poor young girl being taken over by the devil. Damn devil!

First, we get creeped out with shaky cams and a girl having a really bad day…

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And a crazy head-headed kid. Always watch out for those red-heads…

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The Last Exorcism centers on a small Louisiana town where a teenage girl has been possessed by the devil. A popular reverend named Cotton Marcus comes in with a television crew in tow to document her exorcism, not knowing that it will be his last.

The film will be in theaters on August 27th.

What do you think? Creepy enough for you?