This weekend Jerry O’Connell along with a slew of other actors will hit theaters in a little thriller called Piranha 3D. It’s a satire of the genre with its blatant references to Jaws, and its over the top nudity that’s usually present in C-grade horror flicks. O’Connell, who started out as a child actor loved working on the movie not because of the light subject matter but because he got to play a complete and utter asshole. Yep, he’s a douche, a jerk, and any other word that fits in with those three.

Piranha 3D centers on a small town whose population multiples tenfold every year during the 4th of July weekend (thanks to rambunctious college kids). This year something big is going down and it has nothing to do with drugs or alcohol. The town is sitting on a crater that unleashes thousands of mutated and deadly piranhas whose sole purpose is to feed on every man, woman, and child treading the waters.

O’Connell plays a porn director who produces Girls Gone Wild types of films. He’s mean, he’s selfish, he’s a druggie, and O’Connell loves it.

“It’s a lot of fun getting to play just a total jerk. I mean a total jerk. Believe me, this is a horror film so people are going to die – so audiences may be quite pleased. It’s just too much fun and I’m never going to be able to play someone like that. You just can’t play good guys your whole life.”

Does he still have a complex after being the big kid in Stand By Me? It’s OK Jerry, you grew out of it. Speaking of people dying and getting hurt, O’Connell didn’t reveal his character’s fate but he did give a hint as to what happens to him at some point in the film.

“I have to say I am attacked – I’m not going to say whether I die or not – but I am attacked by the prehistoric piranha. They attack a private organ of mine. In 3-D.”

That’s just disgusting but then again this is Piranha 3D not Citizen Kane.

Piranha 3D hits theaters on August 20th.

Do you plan on seeing the film this weekend? Are you looking forward to seeing O’Connell?

Source: Contact Music