What is Case 39? It’s a thriller that stars Renee Zellweger, Bradley CooperIan McShane and the newest vampire from Twilight, Jodelle Ferland. The movie was slated to come out in 2009 but got pushed back to October of this year. That’s not exactly a good sign but hopefully this creepy trailer will give us a reason to want to rush out and see it this fall. Check it out…

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Case 39 centers on social worker named Emily Jenkins (Zellweger) who tries to save a 10 year old girl from an abusive home. After the girl’s parents continue with their attempts on their daughter’s life Emily enlists a detective (McShane) to help her with the case. From there, they along with a psychiatrist, played by Cooper try to get to the root of her troubles. Unfortunately, dark forces surrounding the young girl come to light and their attempts to protect her only bring on greater horror.

Is it just me or have we seen the bug taken from ear scene before in other movies? Not to say that stuff can’t be redone, but that particular move doesn’t work anymore. Also, it would have been better if they left that out of the trailer because it looks like it reveals too much about his character’s fate. The same goes for that scene of McShane with the dog in his car. For horror movie trailers the less we know the better.

Case 39 is directed by Christian Alvart and is scheduled to it theaters on October 1st.

What do you think of the trailer for Case 39? Are you interested in seeing the film?