After the first trailer for David Fincher’s Facebook movie The Social Network hit the net, several parodies were made including The Video Website (based off YouTube) and The Twit Network (based on Twitter), and guess what happened? It’s getting made — for real! Not those titles in particular but a film based on Google is in the works.

According to Deadline, “Michael London’s Groundswell Productions has teamed with producer John Morris to acquire movie rights to the Ken Auletta book Googled: The End of the World As We Know It.” The book will be used as an outline for the feature film about the rise of the popular internet search engine.

The film’s story will center on “two Stanford Ph.D students who had an idea on how to make a better search engine. They went on to create a site based on principles like “You can make money without doing evil” and “You can be serious without a suit.” The film will “focus on how they tried to hang onto their idealism as Google became a global phenomenon.”

We’re not sure who they could get to play Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. It’s one thing to cast a bunch of 20-somethings to play college students like in The Social Network but these guys are a bit older, professionals, and a lot nerdier — if that’s possible.

Would you pay to see a Google movie? Are you surprised they’re making one?