Just when you thought you were done with the Meet the Parents franchise they pull you back in. The marketing for the third installment Little Fockers is just getting started. The film won’t open in theaters until December so we’ve got several more months to endure all the trailers, posters, and photos. An international trailer has just been released and it’s slightly funnier than the previous one, which isn’t exactly a hard feat. See for yourself…

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The international version managed to do something that the first one didn’t — it made me laugh. And that only came at the end with the whole Jaws reference and Robert De Niro jumping out of a ball pit like a mad man. That’s the hilarity that I miss from this franchise. Ben Stiller and De Niro once again reunite along with rest of the cast that includes Owen Wilson (why?), Blythe Danner, Jessica Alba, Laura Dern, Harvey Keitel, Teri Polo and Barbra Streisand.

We also heard that Dustin Hoffman might make an appearance in the film even though he originally wasn’t set to star. Apparently, he was asked to do some reshoots to add more funny to the film. As you can tell from the trailer that’s obviously the missing element.

Little Fockers is directed by Paul Weitz and scheduled to hit theaters on December 22nd.

What do you think of the international trailer for Little Fockers?