JJ Abrams will once again team up with “Lost” director and producer Jack Bender for another project. This time it’s a feature film and it’s called 7 Minutes in Heaven. The title may take you back to your junior high days but this is serious stuff that covers more that just making out in a closet — people die. Lots of people die! Check out the details…

According to THR, the original idea for the film came from Bender who based it on the infamous “kissing game.” He recently signed a deal with Abrams’ Bad Robot and 7 Minutes in Heaven will be all his to direct. Abrams will be on board as a producer and the film will likely have an extended deal with Paramount, who are never too far behind i.e. Star Trek, Mission Impossible.

The premise of 7 Minutes in Heaven centers “on two teens who go into a closet as part of the titular game and find all their friends dead when they come back out.” Isn’t that horrible? Talk about a way to scare kids out of doing any type of sexual activity. Tell them that while they’re getting it on their friends are being turned into soulless corpses.

At the moment, no screenwriter is attached to the film but it shouldn’t be hard for them to find one. Who wouldn’t want to work under the Bad Robot banner?

What do you think of the premise for 7 Minutes in Heaven? Scary or over the top?