Hayden Christensen is at it again. The star of this month’s action flick Takers, has another film on the horizon that goes into darker territory. It’s called Vanishing on 7th Street and it’s a horror flick that features a lot of unnecessary yelling and bad editing to create suspense. The first trailer for the film has been released over on ShockTillYouDrop, but we’ve got the video for you right here. Take a look…

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Vanishing on 7th Street is directed by Brad Anderson and will appear at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. The story centers on a group of people stuck in the middle of a massive power blackout that causes the population to inexplicably vanish. The group of survivors band together inside a desolate tavern struggling to live as the darkness hones in on them.

This film comes from the same guy who did The Machinist, so we’re sure he knows a thing or two about dark places — physically and mentally. The idea of light being the one thing that can kill you or keep you alive is interesting but there’s something about Christensen that throws us off. What do you think it is?

What do you think of the trailer for Vanishing on 7th Street? Are you interested in the film?