If you’re a fan of the hit USA series “Burn Notice” this post is for you! We have a sneak peek at this week’s episode, which features a guest appearance by Robert Patrick – a very angry Robert Patrick. The clip shows him along with Jeffrey Donovan who plays Michael and Coby Bell who stars as Jesse Porter. Watch what happens when two of the good guys decide to take on the T-1000…

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Oh Robert Patrick aka John Barrett that wasn’t a very convincing cover. Sure on paper you’re the CEO of a telecommunications company (Drake Technologies) but Michael and Jesse know you’re a Merchant of Death. Don’t you love how this show gives its villains cool names?

The smooth demeanor displayed by Michael is one of things we love about this show. He’s always in some of the most heated and uncomfortable situations but he keeps his cool (most of the time). Jesse on the other hand, obviously has his moments. But you have to have one guy who does everything by the book and another who makes his own rules. We wonder which one will take down Barrett?

Do you watch Burn Notice? What do you think will happen during this week’s episode?