For those of you who have been following the X-Men First Class casting drama, this news will confirm your worst fears. Yesterday, it was announced that January Jones (“Mad Men“) had been hired to play Emma Frost in the film, even though Alice Eve (She’s Out of My League) landed the part weeks prior. This move made no sense and left a lot of us wondering what the hell happened. According to ComicBookMovie Eve originally had the role but left it willingly because she didn’t like the script. Not a good sign…

The site claims that after the latest batch of changes were made to the script she was displeased and wanted out. Marvel doesn’t have any harsh feelings towards Eve, because they’re interested in possibly bringing her on for one of their other films such as Fantastic Four: Reborn where she’s being looked as a contender to play Susan Storm, The Invisible Woman whom was previously played by Jessica Alba (rolls eyes).

There are also reports that she might appear in the superhero team up movie The Avengers as a villain. No specifics have been given on the character but she will “tie together another of their properties; since the villainous character is most notably featured in Thor comic story lines.”

Back to X-Men First Class, this movie sounds like one big disaster waiting to happen. We don’t know if the script was truly crap or if Eve just wanted more scenes, either way nothing’s adding up.

What do you think of Eve’s decision to exit First Class? Do you think the script will be terrible?