This news truly comes as a shock. According to Variety, “Mad Men” star January Jones has been cast in the role of Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class. This announcement would be fine and dandy if it wasn’t for the fact that Alice Eve had already been confirmed for the part. We guess somebody got their info wrong because Betty Draper will be the new telepath on the block.

According to the trade not only will Jones play Frost but Zoe Kravitz will play Angel. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but is there any other “Angel” in the X-Men universe besides Warren Worthington III? The guy who was conveniently played by Ben Foster in 2006′s X-Men The Last Stand? Has the character at any point in the comic mythology been a woman? The only other Angel I can think of is Angel Salvadore a character who was introduced in the New X-Men comic, but why would she be involved in this film? Why not give us the real thing?

I’m hoping that they’re playing games with the casting to throw us off because this sounds utterly ridiculous. The cast for X-Men First class already includes James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender as Erik Lehnsherr a.k.a Magneto, Nicholas Hoult as Hank McCoy a.k.a. Beast, Caleb Landry Jones as Sean Cassidy a.k.a. Banshee, Lucas Till as Alex Summers a.k.a Havoc, Edi Gathegi as Darwin, Rose Byrne as Dr. Moira MacTaggert, Jason Flemyng as Azazel, Kevin Bacon as an unspecified villain and Oliver Platt as “The Man in Black.”

X-Men First Class will be directed by Matthew Vaughn and is scheduled to hit theaters on June 3, 2011.

What do you think of the latest casting for First Class?