The end of summer is near and that means that in next to no time you will have to get yourself up off your bed, and stop doing nothing. I know, it sucks. So before we hand you a piece of news that reads that your favorite 80s movie is being remade, I’m going to share with you some lighter, funnier news that has been circling the web today. Ready? Of course you are.

  • This August there’s been a touring show dedicated to movie lovers like us entitled Alamo Roadhouse. It goes cross country showing classic movies like Jackie Brown and Robocop. Artist Olly Moss decided to do some amazing stylized posters to promote the tour. You can view them over at Unrealitymag.
  • Seriously, I thought the whole “emo kid thing” was over, but it seems that the latest and annoying Vampire rage has revived it. Over at Unrealitymag, there’s a picture that someone took of the “Young Adult” section of their bookstore, and the section is overrun by Vampires. Some of them are obvious, but many of them just show the picture of some emo kid in the cover.
  • On to more Twilight-like things: A photo was posted on someones Tumblr comparing Jacob to a weird looking flurry creature (kind of looks like a bear). It’s pretty neat. Check it out.
  • So the amazing Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World came out last Friday and if you didn’t watch it shame on you. Seriously, one of the best movies this year. But like it’s genre, Scott Pilgrim didn’t do as well in the box office. Pop Matters has all the reasons why Scott Pilgrim, and movies like it (Kick-Ass, Watchmen) aren’t blockbuster movies.

What do you think?