If you like movies, this is probably a good weekend to catch up on some old Netflix or flip around Turner Classic Movies because the movie pickings are drastically scarce.  How scarce? The most legitimate movie hitting shelves this week stars Miley Cyrus. Yeesh!

On the other hand, we’ve just entered they “Get Ready for Fall TV” portion of the DVD calendar – which means lots of great shows are unleashing seasons on silver discs including “Dexter”, “Cougar Town” and “Friday Night Lights”. So, catch up if you’re behind (though you can probably skip the first couple discs of “Cougar Town”).

Check out the new releases below…



As stated above, there really isn’t much to get excited about this week. To wit:

Yep, that’s it.  Enjoy your Miley Cyrus.


Time to Catch Up

It’s that time again – the new fall series are about to premiere and our old favorites are coming back.

Of course, for many, this means the panic of discovering you are very far behind on a series. Maybe it’s got ten episodes in your DVR, or you just missed it altogether.

Fear not, DVD picks has you covered, with a great lineup of returning shows to catch up. Plus a few extras thrown in for fun:


  • Cougar Town”: Season 1 – Buy Now
  • Dexter”: Season 4 – Buy Now
  • “ESPN Films 30 for 30: The U” – Buy Now
  • “Friday Night Lights”: Season 4 – Buy Now
  • “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”: Season 3 – Buy Now
  • “One Tree Hill”: Season 7 – Buy Now
  • “Rocky & Bullwinkle and Friends”: Season 4 – Buy Now
  • “Temple Grandin” – Buy Now

And, Just So You Know, This DVD Exists…

What DVDs are you looking forward to picking up this week?