Last weekend something amazing happened, an over the top, slightly corny action movie filled with partially washed up actors debuted number one at the box office. Led by director and actor Sylvester Stallone, The Expendables trumped the competition which included Eat Pray Love and Scott Pilgrim vs The World. The biggest triumph here doesn’t come from the fact that Stallone is back on top, it’s the fact that his co-star Eric Roberts is. Who would have thought that we’d see a day when he’d beat his little sister Julia in a box office brawl?

In The Expendables Roberts plays a CIA agent gone rogue named James Munroe. Even though he’s up against an elite crew of eighties action stars in the film he doesn’t sweat it. He might not look it, but Roberts starred in the martial arts series Best of the Best during his younger days so he knows a thing or two about defending himself.

Moving on from that testosterone fest, the actor will also appear in a sci-fi film called Sharktopus. If you’re a fan of SyFy original movies or anything Roger Corman has touched you’ll love this. It’s going straight to TV, but it’s directed by a legend and has a cast led by Roberts who says,

“I’d say it’s a C or D movie, pal. Even though Sharktopus is nothing I will ever be proud of, it was such fun. I got to have the fight with the Sharktopus creature. He wasn’t even there and he killed me… I got to work with Roger Corman.”

Even though these aren’t huge projects that can get him on the A-list, Roberts still has it. People are too quick to forget that he’s an Academy Award nominated actor who had one of the most promising careers in the business. Just take a look at his performance in 1985′s Runaway Train. It will make you change your tune.

Are you a fan of Roberts’ work? Did you see his performance in The Expendables?

Source: The Daily Beast