***Update below***

If you enjoyed Brandon Routh’s performance as one of Ramona Flower’s evil exes in Scott Pilgrim vs the World, you can see more of him in another comic adaptation called Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. It’s one of the most popular comics over in Italy and Routh stars as the title character in the film adaptation directed by Kevin Munroe. Are you ready to see Superman pull a gun out on somebody? If so, take a look at the first trailer for Dead of Night

NOTE from the Editor: Video has been taken down with respect to Long Distance Films. The trailer that hit the web was not in fact the real trailer. According to them it was a “promotional piece intended for international buyers that was created months before the film was even finished.” Though we knew this was not the “trailer”, we didn’t know that the piece was so far from completion and leaked onto the internet.

The piece we published was not finished and therefore not a proper representation of the film, “It has unfinished effects, untreated color and other things in it that were never intended for the public… We all worked really hard to create a film we’re very proud of and this isn’t it.” As much as we would like to show you footage from the film, wait until you can see it for real. And until then find out more about the film below…

Dylan Dog is a paranormal investigator who travels to wherever there’s a creepy disturbance that no one can explain. They say the film is still in post-production. At first glance the trailer looked like an early 90s action/horror flick mixed with something that was made for TV– which now makes sense seeing as it’s so far from the finished product.