We have two new castings to report and they’re for shows that share absolutely nothing in common. One is “Dexter,” the serial killer juggernaut of Showtime that centers on death and mental anguish, while the other is The CW’s “Gossip Girl” a series about pretty people with pretty problems like losing your virginity and infidelity. According to EW, both shows will be pumped with new faces this fall in the form of Chris Vance and Sam Page.

First up we have Chris Vance, the native Brit who’s been making a name for himself in television. He starred as Whistler on Fox’s defunct “Prison Break,” he appeared as Jack Gallagher on the short-lived series “Mental,” and had a run on the USA hit “Burn Notice” as Mason Gilroy. His new gig will have him playing “Cole, a meticulous, physically fit, well-spoken personal aide to a famous businessman.” He’s set to appear in 3 episodes during the upcoming fifth season.

“Gossip Girl” will get another serving of love when Sam Page (“Desperate Housewives,” “Mad Men“) joins the cast for the fourth season. He’ll appear in a multi-episode run as the new love interest for Blake Lively’s character Serena. This is good news because we’re getting sick and tired of her picking over the same few guys. Boring!

What do you think of the latest TV castings? Who are you more excited to see?