Gore, violence, plotting; yep, this is the series we tuned in for. The last episode of “True Blood” moved a bit slowly, but had the advantage of setting up a lot of plotlines and pushing the last few episodes into motion. And because of that several things came to a head this week in “Everything is Broken.” Find out who got the raw end of the stick in this episode…

The Players

Episode Title: “Everything is Broken”

Eric has an interview. Russell shows off his newest keepsake. Franklin tries his best LL Cool J impersonation, but we can’t really call this a comeback. Sookie confronts Bill over some items he’s collected. The local news becomes the news.

The Good:

  • Franklin the Butt Monkey: Franklin’s gone from scary abuser to punching bag and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The way he gets his head handed to him, and by Jason with some wooden bullets, no less, is absolutely hilarious, especially as it comes right on the heels of Tara telling him off.
  • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: Eric’s discussion with the vampire cops make it pretty clear what the stakes are and how far Eric’s willing to take it with Russell. Namely, all the way. Russell doesn’t seem smart enough to realize this might be, ahem, a very bad thing for him.
  • Hunter is a Lonely Heart: Anybody else feel bad for Hunter, Hadley’s kid, and the fact that whatever she’s got, he seems to have too? Poor kid.
  • Sam I Am: It’s well past time Sam applied a few feet to a few rears, and his finally getting to do so was great to watch.
  • And Now the News: Russell making short work of some reporters was an awesome way to end this episode, especially since those were some terrible reporters. Mmmmm, taste the local Emmy.

The Weird:

  • Excuse Me, Do You Have Talbot in a Jar?: OK Russell,dude, we get it, you and Talbot were very, very close. Lovers for many years. It’s hard to let go, especially when your lover is so rudely, er, murdered. But when you start putting bits of him in jars, you’ve crossed the line from “pining” to “creepy psycho killer even by vampire standards.”
  • Dream a Little Dream of Bill: We’re still finding these dream emails the cast keep having with Claudine in Heaven or whatever to be kind of van art and silly.

The Bad:

  • A Very Special Episode: Yes, we get it. A lot of people in Bon Temps are dealing with very serious issues like abortion, sexual assault, and emotional abuse.  And while it’s nice they’re not trying to trivialize these issues, maybe next episode they could put away the sledgehammer they used to drive the point home in this one. Please? It really doesn’t help that it feels like Tara had the entire plotline with Franklin solely for them to lecture us that spousal abuse is bad. Yeah, got that memo guys, thanks.
  • I’ve Got a Little List, I’ve Got a Little List: This also seems a bit tone deaf in the way that these plotlines are presented, because the writers seem actively going out of their way to make every woman who isn’t Sookie or Tara as annoying as humanly possible. Arlene and Crystal seem to doing their best to top each other in some sort of “Most Annoying TV Character Ever” sweepstakes, which isn’t helped by what’s obviously a desperate attempt over the last few episodes to make Arlene interesting. No, we don’t blame Terry for his behavior, dickish though it may be.


Russell’s final moment on air, Franklin’s gleefully violent and humiliating dispatching, and Sam opening a can of whoop-ass pretty much save this episode after the absolutely tone-deaf “social issues” sections. A surprisingly tin-eared installment in a show that generally stays on stride.

Rating: 7.5/10

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