Michael Ealy has been acting for well over a decade and it’s time for him to get his due. After supporting roles in both Barbershop films, Miracle at St. Anna’s, the Halle Berry TV movie Their Eyes Were Watching God, ABC’s defunct series “FlashForward,” and this month’s Takers, it was only a matter of time before he’d step into the forefront. According to Deadline, he’s gearing up to star in a new pilot for the USA Network called “Common Law.”

“Common Law” is a comedic buddy-cop show that will be produced by The Sorcerer’s Apprentice helmer Jon Turteltaub. Ealy will star as one-half of the headlining duo as Travis Marks, an LAPD officer who works alongside Wes Mitchell. The hook for the series is that these guys can’t stand each other. Marks is described as “a maverick ladies’ man who’s served time in juvie,” while Mitchell is “a methodical former lawyer with a passion for cars, gardening and his ex-wife.”

It sounds like they’re once again using the odd couple format to rope us in but it doesn’t stop there, the characters’ boss sends them away to couple’s therapy to repair their professional and personal relationship. Doesn’t that seem a bit odd to you? We’ve heard of cops going to therapy after killing someone or getting too close to a case, but for disliking their partner? Hmmm, we’ll see about this one.

What do you think of Ealy’s new gig? Who should play his partner?