Seems as if you want to get an all-star cast in line, just make a comedy about something no one wants to laugh at! Apatow has Rogen, Gordan-Levitt and Huston in I’m With Cancer and Showtime’s very similar TV show version of the film (I wonder which came first and which will work better?) attracted Oscar winners. Academy Award winning actress Laura Linney will be leading the way in the premiere tonight Showtimes upcoming series “The Big C” alongside the recently announced Oscar-nominated Gabourey Sidibe and the non-nominated but easy on the eyes Idris Elba.

The show premieres on Showtime right after “Weeds“. Hopefully it’s good, otherwise they might be screwing over I’m With Cancer. After all there are only so many times people want to sit down to “cancer entertainment” especially if it’s just NOT funny.

Showtime sure does sees to like series with messed up women. They’ve got “Nurse Jackie”, about a drug addict mother/nurse and “The United States of Tara” about a sexy women with a severe mental illness, “Weeds” about a women who — well sells weed and probably wins the award for the worst mother, and now a cancer comedy!

Laura Linney will play “a woman recently diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma and given a diagnosis of about 18 months to live.” Fun times! So funny! Linney said early in an interview with CBS about her character and the series as a whole…

“I think it’s survival… I think in some ways, it’s the way for people to survive when the human spirit is tested to such a degree. When you’re threatened, when there’s huge regret, when there’s fear, I think comedy comes in and is a real salve.”

Gabourey will be stepping in to play one of her students, Andrea who calls things as she sees them. Recently in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Gabourey said about her character,,,

“She’s very much who I wanted to be in high school. She’s figured out a way of life and is having fun with it. Laura’s character takes on a mentoring role.”

“The Big C” was created and written by Darlene Hunt, who will also serve as executive producer alongside Linney. Production starts this summer for a 13 episode shoot. Sidibe’s character will appear in the pilot and in several more episodes as a recurring guest star.

I’ll save the laughs until I see it tonight, August 15th at 10:30(pst) on Showtime!