Last week we brought you the first photo from Clint Eastwood’s upcoming drama, Hereafter. The film reunites the director with his Invictus star Matt Damon and has an unconventional premise. According to THR, Hereafter will mark the director’s fourth feature to play at the New York Film Festival with his latest closing the event.

The film co-stars Cecile de France, Jay Mohr and Bryce Dallas Howard and is scheduled to open for general audiences on October 22nd. Prior to that, it will debut at the New York Film Festival, which runs from September 24 to October 10th. Hereafter will follow in the footsteps of Eastwood’s previous festival debuts Bird, Mystic River, and The Changeling.

“As so beautifully evident in ‘Hereafter,’ Clint Eastwood continues to make the most daring, provocative films in America. With his returned appearance here in the New York Film Festival, the director has showcased an opening night film, a centerpiece film and now this year’s closing night with ‘Hereafter,’ a ‘hat trick’ of which we are especially proud,” Richard Pena, selection committee chair and program director, the Film Society of Lincoln Center, said.

In the film, Damon plays a psychic who can’t connect to his girlfriend (Howard) or anyone else around him. It’s not exactly the most uplifting premise but we’re sure there’s more to the story. Damon as a psychic alone has our interest.

Do you think Hereafter is the right choice to close the festival?