The Terminator franchise has been f*cked six ways to Sunday and yet someone still manages to keep the property alive — in some form. According to a press release sent out by Hannover House they’re not done dragging the franchise through the mud. They’re going to take the character into the realm of animation with a big screen, CGI feature, that will of course be in 3D (sigh).

With all the push and pull that’s been surrounding the rights to Terminator, here’s are little background of Hannover’s history with the series.

Hemdale produced and distributed director James Cameron’s original “Terminator” feature, but released the sequel rights in 1990 to Carolco, which later transferred the rights to ultimately end up under the control of Halcyon Media. Santa Barbara based Pacificor, LLC prevailed in the most recent auction and transfer of rights to the franchise in January, and retains approval and licensing authority over the proposed Terminator 3000 project.

The storyline for Terminator 3000 is being kept under lock and key but they say that the violence will be turned down in order to maintain a PG-13 rating. Production is scheduled to begin in January 2011.

The last film installment, Terminator Salvation wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t a real Terminator movie at heart and a lot of that had to do with its PG-13 rating. Here they will continue that watered down tradition, animate it, and add 3D. How is this supposed to help the property?

What do you think of Terminator 3000 the animated movie?

Source: Coming Soon