Who didn’t see this coming? After the news broke that Warner Bros. hired a writer to pen the sequel for their upcoming Green Lantern adaptation, people started to worry about how Deadpool would fit into Ryan Reynolds’ busy schedule. The man has more than his fair share of projects on the horizon including the live action adaptation of R.I.P.D. and Safe House with Denzel Washington. Where will he find the time to do all these films and Deadpool? Maybe he won’t.

Reynolds was just announced as a top candidate to co-star in Safe House a film that centers on “the only surviving agent of an attack on a CIA safe house (Reynolds) as he tries to get a lethal prisoner (Washington) to a second safe house before being taken out by violent forces that want them both dead.” Every actor under the sun tried to land the agent role including Sam Worthington, Shia Labeouf, and even Zac Efron. Yes, Zac Efron! The film will be directed by Snabba Cash helmer, Daniel Espinosa and produced by Universal.

According to Collider, Reynolds is also set to shoot The Change-Up with Jason Bateman this fall (October), and after that he’s expected to film R.I.P.D. in January (but it’s not definite). Following those two, The WB wants to begin filming the next Green Lantern shortly after the release of the first one, which opens on June 17th. In between all of this craziness Deadpool fits in where exactly?

The creator of the “Merc with a Mouth”, Rob Liefeld has noticed the lack of attention being given to his character and he’s openly voiced his frustration on Twitter.

“Warner Bros. just trying to protect their investment. They don’t want Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool AND Green Lantern. Interesting 2 watch.”

“Bottom line about Deadpool film is that if FOX doesn’t pull the DP film together with Ryan Reynolds between GL films-they should Hari Kari.”

“Ryan Reynolds is the new Will Smith, if FOX can’t maximize this window of opportunity with this star, this character, that script=MASSV FAIL.”

He’s 100% correct. Wasn’t Deadpool green lit with Reynolds in place before he took on the role as Green Lantern? What gives? Fox knew that Reynolds and that character were the only positive things to come of of X-Men Origins Wolverine and they didn’t immediately act on it. Now we have a situation where another studio has their star’s schedule on lock and they haven’t even hired a director yet. How is this going to work? Do they want this movie to happen?

The only piece of positivity we can hold onto is Reynolds’ personal love and admiration for the Deadpool character. He’s spoken about how much of a fan he is, and hopefully that passion is what’s going to keep him attached to the film because we have no idea if or when this movie’s going to get made.

Do you think Deadpool will ever get made?

Additional Source: THR