Move over The Social Network! Get out of here The Video Website! There’s a new internet based film headed our way and it’s called The Twit Network. Technically it’s not a real movie but it’s the latest in a long line of parody trailers that poke fun at David Fincher’s upcoming Facebook film. There have been a lot of hilarious videos put out but this has to be the funniest one yet! Take a look…

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People have been bitching and moaning about the annoying nature of Twitter for ages and someone has taken that hate, stolen key moments from The Social Network, and made it into a trailer.

The one thing that I like about this video is their ability to point out the worst of the worst on the site. No one cares about your dog or cat taking a poop. It’s not that interesting.

Also, the best part has to be when the guy’s hand is profusely bleeding and he begs his girlfriend to call 911 and she asks him if they have a Twitter. Unfortunately, that wasn’t funny, it was just terrifying because somewhere a girl like that really does exist.

What do you think of the fake trailer for The Twit Network?