After revisiting Rocky and Rambo, Sylvester Stallone made it his business to go out and produce the manliest film of all time. The Expendables is a huge balls-to-the-wall production filled with bullets, fists, and fire. He takes some of the top action stars of yesterday and today and creates an elite team of deadly “good guys” who have no problem ripping out someone’s throat if the occasion calls for it. This film is over the top, extremely violent, and has some of the cheesiest eighties dialogue written 20 years too late — and you’ll love every minute of it!

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The Players:

The Plot:

The Expendables centers on a team of “guns for hire” who are commissioned to take down a corrupt South American dictator. Instead of going after the native government, they take on a fallen CIA agent (Roberts) who’s gone all Marlon Brando circa Apocalypse Now by becoming a part of the problem he was sent in to solve. These 5 men, each proficient in their own style of killing, whether it be guns, knives, martial arts, or wrestling put their skills to the test when they take on an entire country of brainwashed soldiers.

The Good:

  • The Action: With The Expendables, the action is what you want and the action is what you get. Within the first 10 minutes you find out just how violent and bloody this movie is going to be. Torsos get blown off with one bullet, heads are decapitated with the single stroke of a knife, and necks are broken and bent with a swift kick to the throat.
  • The Tone: This movie doesn’t take itself seriously. Stallone set out to make the biggest action homage known to man and he did. It’s nothing more and nothing less. You immediately know what you’re in for.
  • Jason Statham: A lot of people love Jason Statham and for years I couldn’t figure it out — until now. Out of this pumped up group he sticks out because he oozes charisma. When he’s on screen you can’t take your eyes off of him. His character is an amazing knife thrower, who doesn’t just stab people to death, he slices their face, kicks them in the stomach, and shoots them in the leg all in the time span of 3 seconds. He’s that damn good!
  • Eric Roberts: As the villain, Roberts embodied everything you love and hate about villains in action movies. He fit every cliche known to man. He was the white, power hungry American who came in to a foreign country to take over their drug trade. Not only that but he had the slicked back hair, the styling suit, and a ruthless bodyguard (Austin) to fight his battles. Despite all that he was entertaining to watch and had some of the wittiest and hilarious lines in the movie, which he delivered with finesse.
  • The Humor: There were so many intentional and unintentional funny moments in this film. A lot of times the script would try to give us something dramatic but the set up or the wording would be so ridiculous that you’d have no choice but to laugh. That goes back to the idea of the film not taking itself too seriously. There are many underlying puns that take jabs at the stars long running careers especially in the scene with Bruce Willis, Stallone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, they’re a regular Three Stooges!

The Bad:

  • The Special Effects: Even though The Expendables had a great cast, it wasn’t produced on a huge budget. The lack of money can be seen every time an explosion happens or someone gets shot or stabbed (which happens a lot). The blood looks cartoonish and some of the scenes that involved fire didn’t look believable.


The Expendables is hardcore. When you leave the theater you have no idea what you just saw but you want to see more. Not only would I recommend seeing this movie once, you should see it twice. It’s pure nostalgia for the eighties action fan. You know the acting is going to suck, you know the story is going to be non-existent, but you also know that people are gonna get their asses kicked 7 ways from Sunday!

Rating: 9/10

The Expendables hits theaters on August 13, 2010.

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