Paramount Pictures have picked up the film rights for Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter. Don’t be alarmed by the title, that’s just one of the many things that makes this property intriguing. It originated as a coffee table book from Heavy Metal Publishing and became an instant hit when it debuted at this year’s Comic-Con. When the studios got a whiff of the positive reactions from the fanboy crowd they flocked to the material like moths to a flame.

According to THR, Last Man Standing centers on “a bounty hunter named Gabriel, created by a weapons organization to be part of its army of Paladins, a soldier with the talent of 500.” Do you want to know what’s even crazier than that? The story takes place 600 years into the future, and in an alternate universe. So yeah, Gabriel’s life gets real heavy.

The character is an ex-convict who was essentially framed and sent to prison. Once he escapes, he enters a world of New Amerika, filled with genetically enhanced shark-men, ninjas and burlesque girls, as he tries to unravel the reason behind his set-up. Sounds deep.

On the corporate side of things, Paramount beat out hard hitters like Warner Bros and the infectious Summit Entertainment for the book’s rights. Even though, Paramount has a decent track record with comic and animated adaptations, I can’t help but wonder what magic Warner Bros would have worked with this story. All of their sci-fi/comic-based fantasy films always look polished and have a darker tone. In other words, they look like the studio put in effort.

What do you think of Paramount adapting Last Man Standing? Are you familiar with the book?