Ah, YouTube, you sure are the video-site heard ’round the world. We’ve all heard those success stories of the Justin Bieber-types who land record deals and whatnot, but for a website that specializes in ‘the movie’ not very many moviemakers are getting phone calls from Paramount, or so we would think. Among the many personalities that roam around YouTube there is Pedro Flores a.k.a PDFlo and Tim Chantarangsu a.k.a TimothyDeLaGhetto who, if they’re lucky, will get to see their first feature film High School Sucks: The Musical on the big screen.

So you might’ve heard of these two, you might’ve not, but odds are, you have, even if you haven’t… if that makes any sense. Pedro has more than 90 thousand subscribers and almost 10 million views. And let’s just say Tim has a lot more of both. Since 2006, Pedro and Tim have sought out to create short films about everything (sex, girls, Twilight, you name it). It’s obvious. These 24-year-olds love making videos and YouTube has been there outlet, until now.

High School Sucks: The Musical isn’t a parody of High School Musical, as the title would have you believe. While it does poke fun at musicals (and you’ll get to see that in the clip below) it’s actually an account of Pedro and Tim’s high school experience.

According to New TeeVee, the distribution rights for the film have been acquired by Lakeshore Records, the transmedia division of Lakeshore Entertainment which produced Oscar-winner Million Dollar Baby.

In an interview with MovieWeb, Pedro said:

“We’re trying to release it in multiple platforms. We want to do it on DVD, YouTube, iTunes, theatrical, anything we can get our hands on. It’s not just for YouTube. It’s pretty big. We don’t just want to put it on YouTube, but if it ends up on YouTube, it’s no problem. It’s just a big project and I definitely want to get it out in as many forms as I can.”

What started off as a hobby for these boys has almost become their day job and all thanks to YouTube. If it so happens that High School Sucks (which it does) makes it unto the big screen, it will be a big win for indie filmmakers. We’ll let you know how it all plays out. In the mean time, check out this clip. I’m not a fan of musicals, but this sure is catchy. Also check out a video message from Pedro and Tim on the High School Sucks YouTube website. They’re an entertaining couple.

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