We have a few new casting announcements regarding three popular action/sci-fi shows. One of them involves an iconic family who will return to The CW hit “Smallville, while another surrounds a supporting character from NBC’s “Chuck” stepping up from recurring status, and the other is a new character who will appear on ABC’s revamped “V.” Find out the details below…

Since “Smallville” is entering its 10th season, the producers are pulling out all the stops to ensure a dramatically satisfying series finale. According to Zap2it, Lois Lane will get a visit from her father General (Michael Ironside) and sister Lucy Lane (Peyton List) this fall. Both characters have appeared on the show before but all three Lanes have never been on screen together. There’s a first time for everything!

As for “Chuck,” you’ll be seeing more of General Beckman (Bonita Friedericy) this season because the actress has been promoted to a series regular. Woo hoo! According to executive producer Chris Fedak, “She’s an incredibly important part of the show. She’s like the Charlie to Charlie’s Angels.”

And last but not least we have ABC’s “V”: were you a fan of the short-lived CW series, “Reaper“? The show featured a promising young cast including Bret Harrison who’s just signed on to play an evolutionary biologist on the alien show. He’ll make his first appearance during the season premiere so watch out for his face!

What actors are you the most excited to see?

Source: EW