If you’re surprised by the success of Pixar’s Toy Story 3, you might suffer from a mild mental problem. Anyone with eyes could see that the third installment of the franchise would be a commercial and critical masterpiece. Therefore the news that TS3 has become the studio’s highest grossing film shouldn’t be a shock.

According to Box Office Mojo, Toy Story 3 knocked the reigning Pixar champ Finding Nemo out of the top spot with its worldwide gross of over $896 million. Prior to that, Nemo earned a strong $867 million during its run in 2003 but the difference between these two is that Toy Story 3 is still in theaters. There’s still time for the film to earn even more money. It’s hard to believe but it’s only been out (domestically) for 7 weeks.

Speaking of domestic grosses, Toy Story 3 has earned over $397 million here in the States, while Nemo previously topped the chart with $339 million. Even though it’s the most successful animated film the studio has produced it also seems like its the most expensive, costing $200 million compared to Nemo’s $94 million. The gross may be higher but so is the production cost, which begs the question is the profit really that great?

What do you think of Toy Story 3 being Pixar’s highest grossing film?