The summer is winding down and a lot of networks are starting to push promotional material for the fall season. For example, TBS has just aired their first commercial for Conan O’Brien’s new late night talk show. It’s simple, direct, and has Monty Python written all over it. That’s right, Cone Bone decided to take a cue from those comedic geniuses to get our attention — and it worked! Check out the video…

The new Conan O’Brien show won’t air until November 8th, so the network has plenty of time to hype up its debut before the big day. There’s no word on who’ll appear during the first week, or even the first episode, but we’re sure they’ll be awesome. Who wouldn’t want to welcome O’Brien back to late night with open arms?

As you can see from the video they’re taking all the necessary steps to make him feel at home on TBS. They have lots of dedicated manpower ensuring that his hair looks right. Let’s be honest, when it comes to Coco, it’s all about the hair!

What do you think of the first commercial for Conan O’Brien’s new show? Will you be watching this fall?