It’s no secret that Piranha 3D is going to be filled with half-naked people, who unfortunately at some point in the film will get their limbs ripped off. What better publication to promote such a visual feast than the ever popular Playboy Magazine? The latest issue features one of the film’s stars on the cover and its none other than model-turned-actress Kelly Brook.

This issue of Playboy hits stands on Friday August 13th. It’s really surprising that they didn’t go for a beach themed cover considering the setting of the film. We guess she’s trying to keep it somewhat classy and upscale. On a side note, those Playboy imprinted cuffs look kind of cool.

Piranha 3D centers on a small town whose population multiples tenfold every year during the 4th of July weekend (thanks to rambunctious college kids). This year something big is going down and it has nothing to do with drugs or alcohol. The town is sitting on a crater that unleashes thousands of mutated and deadly piranhas whose sole purpose is to feed on every man, woman, and child treading the waters.

Piranha 3D opens in theaters everywhere on August 20th.

Do you plan on seeing Piranha 3D in theaters?