The first teaser trailer for Drive Angry 3D has been released and it’s batsh*t crazy! Nicolas Cage is already scary, but when you give him a ridiculously fast car, a pair of shades, and a bad dye job you can only do one thing — get out of the way! In the film he plays a grandpa on a mission, and that mission includes recovering his kidnapped granddaughter and helping some hot blond chick in the process. Take a look…

This teaser is straight to the point. Cage says it himself in the video, they killed his daughter, they took her baby, and he’s got to get her back. The stuff that happens between that statement and him reuniting with the child involves a whole lot of bullets and a high body count. Just the way we like it.

We previously covered the Drive Angry 3D panel at this year’s Comic-Con and got to see even more off the wall footage that isn’t shown here. If you want an in depth description of what the film is really about you should check it out.

The film co-stars Amber Heard, Billy Burke (yes, the dad from Twilight), and William Fichtner because apparently that man is in EVERYTHING! It’s directed by Patrick Lussier, and is scheduled to hit theaters on February 11, 2011.

What do you think of the teaser for Drive Angry 3D?

Source: IGN