Are you ready to see another installment of the Saw series on the big screen? Probably not, but that doesn’t keep Lionsgate from producing sequels. The latest movie entitled Saw 3D, is scheduled to open on October 22nd and the studio has started their viral marketing campaign with a new motion poster. Not only is it a disturbing image, but it’s a disturbing image that moves — literally. Take a look…

Even though this film won’t be groundbreaking in terms of story or acting, you have to admit that this poster is pretty bad ass. One thing they’ve always been able to do with the Saw marketing is produce attention catching images that get you interested in the movie. No matter how bad it is, you want to know why a bust of Jigsaw’s brain is exploding. This is the third motion poster that they’ve released in promotion of the film and each one gets more in your face or in this case in your head.

The last Saw didn’t perform that well at the box office and we think the added 3D effect in this one is supposed to boost its gross and appeal. Too bad the technology has become a nuisance to the general movie going public and it’s been exposed as just another way to bleed consumers dry. It’s getting old Hollywood. Really, old.

Aside from that gimmick, the movie will have a lot of competition heading its way for the Halloween crowd including Paramount’s golden goose Paranormal Activity 2. It’s another film that people have reservations about, but I think it has a better chance at box office gold than Saw. That series has overstayed its welcome.

What movie will you be seeing this Halloween. Are you more interested in Saw or Paranormal Activity 2?