A lot of good things came out of the six season run of “Lost” and two of them were Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn. The actors who played Benjamin Linus and John Locke both had their turns playing villains on the show, and they both walked away with Primetime Emmys because of it. Now that “Lost” is no more there are rumors that these two might hook up again for a new series.

Back when Emerson and O’Quinn appeared on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live“ “Lost” special, the host made a joke about the two of them partnering up for a lighter, new show. We guess the actors took his suggestion seriously because they’re currently looking for work — together. According to report from the Associated Press,

Emerson says they both want something more lighthearted and that the show can acknowledge their “age and frailty.” Emerson says he envisions a show where, if their characters get hit in the face, they “don’t get up for a month.”

This sounds like a middle age comedy that we could actually get behind. To be completely honest, they don’t have to appear on the same show but it would be great for them to have steady work again. “Lost” showcased their talent every week for six years, we know what these two are capable of. Let’s get them a new gig, stat!

Would you watch a show with Emerson and O’Quinn together again?